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Stall & Dean Returns to Rich Hockey Roots


Stall & Dean's storied history as a uniform and sporting goods equipment manufacturer dates to the 1890s. It was the first company to make uniforms for professional hockey teams and invented the first hockey helmet after the legendary Eddie Shore suffered a head injury.


Stall & Dean, which recently became an HDA manufacturer member, is making a renewed push into the hockey apparel market under CEO Richard Leibowitz. The hockey line includes vintage jerseys (circa 1936) modeled after the NHL's "Original Six" of the Blackhawks, Bruins, Red Wings, Maple Leafs, Canadiens and Rangers.


Stall & Dean also has game jerseys, team socks and shells as well as a Custom Decoration Program geared toward youth leagues and teams. All of its products are made in the USA in Brockton, Mass.


The history of Stall & Dean also includes signing two of baseball's greatest players, Hall of Famers' Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner, to wear and endorse its products.


Click here to learn more about Stall & Dean's products and its history in the sporting goods industry.



Reebok-CCM Elbow Pads Recalled


Reebok-CCM has recalled 3,700 elbow pads sold in the United States and Canada because they can crack prematurely. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in conjunction with Canadian regulators, said the EP20K Senior Hockey Elbow Pads can crack, fracture or split and increase the risk of injury.


Reebok-CCM reported one player in Canada suffered a broken elbow, according to the CPSC. The elbow pads were sold across the U.S. from April through November of 2013 for about $110. The foam-constructed pads are white with gray and black colored fabric and the name "Reebok" in the upper and lower arm sections.


Consumers were advised to stop using the elbow pads and to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund or replacement. Consumers can call (800) 451-4600 for more information.


STX Springs Forward Toward

Hockey Product Launch


STX announced three significant steps in mid-January as it prepares to begin hockey equipment sales this spring. The Baltimore-based manufacturer signed NHL standout Matt Moulson to an endorsement deal, secured an on-ice NHL equipment license and reached a multi-year agreement with USA Hockey.


Moulson is now with the Buffalo Sabres after three 30-goal seasons for the New York Islanders. He signed a multi-year deal to use STX sticks in games and will wear STX gloves when the product is finalized. He will also provide feedback to help STX design and develop equipment.


STX will be an official sponsor and equipment supplier for USA Hockey through a four-year partnership. That makes STX the official sponsor of Toyota-USA Hockey Youth, Girls and High School National Championships. STX will also equip the National Team Development Program and the U.S. Olympic Teams. 


Bauer, Hockey Canada Announce
 Next Phase of "Grow the Game"


Bauer and Hockey Canada have announced the next phase of their Grow the Game partnership to attract new families to hockey. They will expand the Big Assist pilot programs into four markets in Canada and add a program director at Bauer focused on the growth of the game.


The first round of pilot programs were held in Scarborough, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Every on-ice Big Assist session was filled and approximately 84 percent of the participants signed up with their local associations.


The Grow the Game initiative was launched in 2012 with a goal of adding 1 million new players to hockey by 2022. 


Easton-Bell Hit By Data Breach 


eastonlogoEaston-Bell, one of the top hockey and sports equipment manufacturers, announced in late January that it was one of the latest victims of a cyber attack. Nearly 6,000 customers who shopped on its website in December had information stolen by hackers.


Easton-Bell said hackers accessed its vendor servers with malicious software. The manufacturer said it shut down the affected servers after the breach and hired investigative consultants to determine how it happened. Target and Neiman Marcus are among the other high-profile companies that have been hit with recent cyber attacks.


The National Sporting Goods Association is trying to help members prevent damaging cyber attacks by holding a session, "Data Breach Break Down," on Monday, April 28 at its 50th Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit in Indian Wells, Calif. Two experts in the area will lead a discussion about the risks and the importance of having insurance should you get hit with a cyber attack.


Click here for more information about the Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit.


 Is Adidas Looking to Lower Reebok's NHL Profile?


Adidas is looking at lowering the team-sports profile of its Reebok component, and the move may first be seen in the NHL, according to a New York Post report. In locker rooms at the NHL StadiumSeries games at Yankee Stadium, the cold-weather gear for players on the New York Rangers, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils was the Adidas brand and not Reebok. 


Because the NHL has not approved a supplier change, it told players to cover up the Adidas logo when the media is in their locker rooms, according to Post sources. Reebok's exclusive contract with the NHL expires after the 2016-17 season, but the Post also cited a source saying a change could occur earlier.


An Adidas spokesperson said in a statement to the Post "there are no plans to change on-ice branding with the NHL at this time."


Click here to read the New York Post story.








HDA, NSGA and Sports Distributors of Canada
business collaboration is underway

Any business would be interested in better pricing for its products and increased access to top brand names. That opportunity is now here for hockey dealers in the United States.

The Hockey Dealers Association (HDA), National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) and Sports Distributors of Canada Ltd. (SDC) have started a collaboration
 which will allow HDA and NSGA member retailers and team dealers access to the group buying power of SDC's members to purchase ice hockey equipment.


SDC will extend its vast ice hockey expertise and buying strength to members of HDA and NSGA. HDA and NSGA members will participate in all levels of SDC's hockey business, including their annual hockey show, buying programs and special makeup product offerings, as well as have representation on the SDC Hockey Committee.


All participating U.S. hockey retailers will have to be members of HDA or NSGA. Interested participants will undergo a vetting process led by SDC that will ensure credit worthiness and customer-focused business practices.


The agreement between HDA, NSGA and SDC is now in effect. However, the true impact of the partnership will be realized when the two groups combine efforts this fall as they plan for the 2014 hockey season.

For U.S. hockey dealers interested in more information on the collaboration, please contact HDA Co-Managing Director Marty Maciaszek by emailing mmaciaszek@nsga.org or calling (800) 815-5422, ext. 1260. 


Click here to learn more about the collaboration and to find an inquiry form to start the process of potentially becoming a part of this unique opportunity. Dealers throughout the country have been submitting their inquiry forms!

 The Fall 2013 New Product Digest is here!


The Fall 2013 edition of the HDA New Product Digest is out! Please click on the New Product Digest logo (above) to check out some of the new products and accessories in the hockey industry. We will be updating it periodically so if you're still interested in getting information about your product out to the public, submit it to Marty Maciaszek at mmaciaszek@nsga.org. The email submission should include a detailed description and photos of your product, the MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price), website information and contact information.



Recent news

Bauer, Hockey Canada unveil research,
plans for "Grow the Game" initiative

Bauer and Hockey Canada announced on Aug. 1 the next phase of their Grow the Game partnership. They provided their initial research study results and their creation of pilot programs to address those findings and put them on track toward meeting their goal of one million new players in hockey by 2022. Canada will be the starting point for the initiative since hockey there has experienced historically low growth rates in recent years and right now approximately 90 percent of Canadian families and their children decide not to play hockey.

"We're starting in Canada because it's home to not only a deep hockey heritage but it's also where Bauer Hockey was founded in 1927," Bauer President and CEO Kevin Davis said in a news release.

A survey commissioned by Bauer and Hockey Canada found 73 percent of non-hockey families would consider enrolling their child in the future and nearly 40 percent said they would definitely consider enrolling their child. Perceived barriers are hockey isn't a fun sport, the amount of travel and time commitment, safety and affordability. Pilot programs to address these barriers will launch this fall in Ontario and Nova Scotia and Hall of Famer Mark Messier will assist Bauer and Hockey Canada in reaching their goals of attracting additional players.

Click here to view the findings from the Bauer and Hockey Canada study.

Click here to read the news release about Bauer and Hockey Canada's Grow the Game partnership initiatives.



The 2013 Annual Business
of Ice Hockey Report is available


HDA members received an electronic copy of "The Annual Business of Ice Hockey Report; 2013 Edition," which includes data on consumer purchases of equipment, trends in participation and a look at the cost of doing business.

If you are interested in becoming an HDA member and receiving this report, please contact HDA co-director Marty Maciaszek at (800) 815-5422, ext. 1260 or by email at mmaciaszek@nsga.org. The report is available to non-members for $125.

If you have questions about the report, contact Dustin Dobrin, NSGA Director of Research, at (800) 815-5422, ext. 1170 or by email at ddobrin@nsga.org.






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Patrick Kane's stickhandling show


No one who watches the NHL would question the ability of Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane to make magic happen on the ice. What the two-time Stanley Cup champion does as "Agent 88" in a recent commercial for Bauer's new Vapor APX-2 sticks is truly remarkable. The ending is the only part that isn't live and it only took 15 to 20 minutes to shoot.

Click here to see the video of Kane's stickhandling wizardry.

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